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Easy Forms comes with the English language by default. However, it let each user change the whole application language very easily, allowing them to see it in their own language.

Change the application language for a user

  1. Go to the User Manager
  2. Click on the “Actions” button of the User to update
  3. Click “Update”
  4. Change the language to Spanish
  5. Click “Save”

From now on, if your user accesses the application, he will see the interface in Spanish.

Note: Keep in mind that at any moment your user can change the application language. For this, he will only need to update the field Language on his User Profile.

Change the default application language

  1. Open the configuration file @app/config/web.php.
  2. Find the line: 'language' => 'en-US’, and replace 'en-US' for another language you have translated, to Spanish for example: ‘es-ES’.

When you reload the application you will see that the application default language is Spanish.

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